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  • Audit Steps by using Tally
  • Reconciliation of Vendor/Soppier Account
  • Reconciliation of Bank Statement
  • Inventory Management by using Tally
  • Preparation of Books of Accounts
  • Adjustment Entries
  • Accounting Entries
Finalization of Balance sheet/ preparation of Financial Statement:
  • Preparation of Balance sheet According to Revised Schedule VI
  • Preparation of Balance Sheet of SME Accounts
  • Preparation of Balance Sheet of Large and Medium Entrepreneur
Preparation of Invoices
Preparation of Challan
Preparation of Quotations
Preparation of Bilty
Preparation of Excise Invoice(Trader and Manufacturer)
– FINANCE – By Chartered Accountant
How to Provide Funds(loans ) from the Bank
Preparation of Set of Documents
Documentation in FINANCE for
CC Limit/OD Limit
Term Loan
Business Loan
Home Loan
Personal Loan
Project Reports
CMA Data
Practical Analytical Review of Reports
Stock Statement
Correspondence with the Banks
How to Get Subsidies Loan from Banks
– Banking Instruments – By Chartered Accountant
LC(Letter of Credit)
Letter of Credit- How to Open the LC
How to Sanction the LC Limit from Bank
Documentation for LC Limit
Bank Guarantee
Use of Bank Guarantee
Format of Bank Guarantees
B/R(Bills Discounting)
Factoring- Factoring Instruments
4 – TDS – By Chartered Accountant
TDS Returns Preparation
TDS Challan Preparation
How to Deduct TDS
Practically Visualization of Deduction of TDS
How to Deduct TDS of Foreign Companies/FIIS
TDS Certificate Generation
TDS Mismatch Reports
TDS Reconciliation
Revision of TDS Return
How to use Digital Signature for Filling TDS Returns
How to TAN(Taxpayer Account Number)
5 – Service Tax – By Chartered Accountant
How to get Service Tax Registration-Practically
how to get Registration Certificate
How to Fill Service Tax Returns
How to Deposit Service Tax
How to Charge Service Tax
what is Reverse Charge
What is Point of Taxation
6 – VAT (Value Added Tax) – By Chartered Accountant
How get Registration in VAT
How to Filling Quarterly Returns
How to File Annual Returns
How to do Audit in VAT
How to Make Payment of VAT
How to Face Department
Correspondence with VAT Department
How to File Return of CST
How to Do Assessment with VAT Officer
– Excise / Customs / Import & Export Procedures – By Chartered Accountant
Excise Registration
How to File Monthly Return(ER-1)
How to File Monthly Return(ER-6)
How to File Annual Return(ER-4)
Annual Return(ER-5)
How to Preparation of Registration under Excise
RG-1,RG-23A-Part-I,Part-II,RG 23C Part-I,II
How to Make Payment of Excise
Excise Audit
Excise Search
Excise Entries in Books of Accounts
How to Deal with Import and Export
Import and Export Procedure
Import Documents
Import Procedure
How to Release the Dollar from Banks to Pay Outside India
Export Procedure
Export Documents
Bill of Entries
Bill of Lading
8 – Payroll Processing – By Chartered Accountant
PF Computation and Deposit of ECR
ESI Challan Deposit and Return (Form 5)
Taxability of Different Allowances and Perquisites
Deductions (Tax Savings) Under Chapter VI A
E-Filing TDS Salary Return Form 24Q and Challan 281
 9 .1- MIS Advance Excel – By MIS Analyst
Provide Basic Understanding of Excel, Make user Familiar to Create Formula and give Platform to Make Good Analysis and Introduce Powerful Tools of Advance Excel so that user can Make Advance Analysis with the help of Those Tools
Introduction, Basic Understanding , Sum, Count, Count, Count blank, Average, Max, Large Min, Abs, Sumif, Countif, Lower, Upper, Proper, Trim, Len, Left, Right, Mid, Concatenate, Subtotal, And, Or, Day, Year, EOmonth, Edate, Net workdays, Today, Weekday, Week number, Workday, Find, Search.
V-lookup, H-lookup, Day and Time Calculation, Numeric Calculation, If Logical Condition, Dynamic Pivot, Dynamic Chart, Conditional Formatting, Dated if, What If Analysis, Match Index, Offset Function, User form Function in Excel, Data Validation, Advance Filter, Sorting, Group & Ungroup, Data split, Text Function (Data Separation), Substitute
ROC Matters
Formation of Company
Annual Filings

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